Hashtag Research Package

by marketersclub

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This package will give you the hashtags you need to increase exposure to your posts, help you reach top posts and see a significant increase in engagement.

We’ve replicated this process to over 450 accounts now with positive results.

When you order our hashtag research package you’ll get access to the same strategy and techniques. We do all the hard work and deliver a custom package specific to your account. All you’ll have to do is copy and paste them when you create posts. We give you step-by-step instructions to do things manually and recommend tools to save time.

What You’ll Get

Our system allows us to collect the data necessary for your hashtags and automatically re-tier the hashtag tiers based on your individual account’s most recent like average. We do this automatically, weekly. With your initial order, you get two weeks of free updates.

Because our system allows us to re-tier, you will have more accurate data for the hashtags you’re using and this will be updated on a weekly basis. The tiers are based on your account’s latest (the past week’s) like averages.

As we uncover more hashtags, these will automatically be added to your custom mix of hashtags.

All of this delivered in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • comprehensive list of hashtags 40 to 80  (180 – 200), custom-tailored to your needs – these are NOT just a bunch of generic tags – these are handpicked, manually verified hashtags for YOUR account only.
  • All the data you need to make INFORMED and SMART decisions – each tag comes with total post count AND minimum amount of likes. This way you know EXACTLY where your content has the possibility to rank.
  • A tiered structure – all your tags will be separated and organized into TIERS, specifically made based on your account’s current engagement and exposure. You get 3 Tiers which should last you at least  4 to 12 10 – 16 weeks (depending on how fast your account grows)
  • Step-by-step instructions – you’ll know exactly what to do and in what order – perfect if you are just starting out. No more “here’s a bunch of tags, good luck!”. I’ll break down for you each and every step. All you need to do is copy and paste and you are good to go.
  • A comma separated list AND “one per line” list – if you’ve ever had to deal with hashtags you know how FRUSTRATING it is to convert lists between the two formats. This alone will save you lots of time wasted.
  • An Excel spreadsheet with all of the above goodies – this way you can manipulate the data in any way you want and make even BETTER DECISIONS
  • PRIVACY- whatever work is done by us will NEVER be disclosed to anyone else. Every aspect of our relationship will remain confidential, unless you want it otherwise.


September 25, 2018