Since 2014 we’ve provided thousands of individuals access to our social media services, platform and tools. We have yet to see one account that doesn’t see positive results from our work. Read and view some of the testimonials and results below.

We are different from our competition.

We are not just increasing numbers on your accounts, we are physically looking for the right people and contacts specifically for your account.

We focus on real, quality growth and followers. That’s what makes MarketersClub.com completely different from other services. We truly focus on growing your network with the right people in any industry, for personal or for business!

I wanted to give my review of the hashtag package. I have experience with creating hashtag lists for clients but in specific niches. I had a one-off client in another niche and didn’t have the time to do the research for that niche, so used this service. I can say that I am both very happy with the service and the output. I had a specific deadline to get my client started on the first of the month and MarketersClub.com moved around some assignments to accommodate this, for which I am very thankful. I can also say that the research was well done and setup to give some extra insights vs just focusing on popular vs. unpopular hashtags that I hadn’t looked at before. Would definitely use again and worth every penny!


I’m loving the way things are going with my account!

Natalie, Fashion Influencer, Los Angeles

I gifted this hashtag research to a new marketing client of mine who was being difficult.

Since last week, their likes per post have increased from around 1,500 to 2,000+.

Most of all for me, it has kept them happy and given me a break!


My social media is popping because of them!! Thanks for your HARD work!


I wanted to share my review after having the hashtags almost 3 weeks now.

I purchased two sets for two diff niches. One that I am doing well in and wanted to see how I could get more traction and one niche I have NO experience in.

In any event – the hashtags I use are generating more comments than my own strategy of coming up with them. So yes – I found value in the service!

Tiffany G.

My Twitter and Instagram growth helps with my industry profile.

Fashion Brand Consultant, London

The attention to detail has allowed us to grow from just over 5k followers to now over 70k followers! They were able to take my blog posts and use this as daily content to my Instagram feed. Saves so much time and we’re getting really good inquiries!!!


I purchased the Hashtag research from MarketersClub last week and I have learned so much already. The system they suggest and the instructions alone are one of the best values I have ever gotten from any money I have spent on social media. Granted, I am a novice compared to most … but seriously… I understand hashtags better than I ever have after working with MarketersClub.com.

After getting the hang of what’s going on with hashtags and moving in the direction that they suggested, I know I can do a lot of research myself to really focus in on my true target niches in my overall field…

I received way more hashtags than expected, about 5 times more than I anticipated, and I had to cut those down to what really fits my business… but I am left with a nice core of options and a clear direction on how to implement them.

Thanks… you gave me hope… I am top posting all over the place after just a few days.


Just got my hands on a well-detailed plan and it’s been quite helpful. Thanks so much!

Ms. Cee, Fashion PR

Reasonable price, prompt delivery, and clear “fool proof” actionable instructions. 5/5 stars!! Highly recommended!


So I had used MarketersClub’s service before with some great results. Had to come back and see if we could work some magic again.

Service was quick and easy, hashtags are awesome, target accts is a bonus. Set up is as easy as can be as its really laid out for you. All of the hashtags are relevant to the acct which I thought for sure there would be some others in there with 400 hashtags.

MH, Your Content Goes Here

Received my hashtags from MarketersClub. Great job and service!


NEVER FAILS TO SATISFY MY NEEDS!!! The only way to see how valuable this is to try it… You will never regret… A good investment!